In CONTENIDO there are a lot of configuration variables available to control and change the behaviour of the system. In this section you can look after all variables that you might use in your implementations. Configuration is a systemwide ressource.

Using environment based configuration

Since CONTENIDO 4.9 configurations are stored in a special folder in data/config. The so called environment configuration folder (per default: "production") contains all configuration which are needed to run the system.

However, the name of the environment configuration folder can be changed to be able to load completely different configuration values for the system.

The name of the environment configuration folder is controlled via the constant "CON_ENVIRONMENT". This constant for example also can be set through the Apache webserver configuration.

SetEnv CON_ENVIRONMENT development

Then, CONTENIDO would search for configuration files in the folder data/config/development instead of data/config/production.

The current value of the environment constant is also displayed on the system variables information page in backend.